The Mistress (2012)

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Ang "The Mistress" (lit: Ang Kabit) ay isang pelikulang pilipino.

Mga Tauhan

Supporting Cast

Extended Cast=

  • Carla Humphries as Carly
  • Al Gaitmatan as Arnold
  • Marj Lorico as Julie
  • Eileen Gonzales as Abby
  • Patrick Moreno as Arvin
  • Nina Guirnaldo as Guia
  • Jessica Rose Ashton as Lexie
  • Dustin Guia as Joey
  • Karl Ernest Alano as Aljo
  • Joel Molina as Alex
  • Fonz Deza as Stockholder/Himself (uncredited)
  • Sue Prado as townhouse neighbor (uncredited)
  • Robin Da Roza as Henry Torres (uncredited)