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Ang Grimm's Fairy Tales ay koleksiyon ng mga kuwentong-bayan na inilathala ng magkapatid na Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm at Wilhelm Carl Grimm.


Sina Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm (4 Enero 1785 – 20 Setyembre 1863) at Wilhem Carl Grimm (24 Pebrero 1786 – 16 Disyembre 1859) ay ipinanganak sa Hanau, Germany. Ang kanilang mga magulang ay sina Philipp Wilhelm Grimm at Dorothea Grimm. Mayroon silang anim na kapatid na lalaki at isang kapatid na babae.

Nagsimula silang mangolekta ng mga kuwentong-bayan noong 1806 pagkatapos maimpluwensiyahan ng mga koleksiyon nina Clemens Brentano at Achim von Arnim. Nang mamatay ang kanilang ina, nagtrabaho sila bilang librarian upang suportahan ang pangangailangan ng mga nakababatang kapatid.

Mga Tomo

Noong 1812, inilathala ng magkapatid na Grimm ang unang tomo ng Children and Household Tales o higit na kilala bilang Grimm's Fairy Tales. Naglalaman ito ng 86 kuwentong-bayan. Makalipas ang tatlong taon, inilabas naman nila ang pangalawang tomo na mayroong 70 kuwentong-bayan. Nagkaroon ang koleksiyon ng anim pang edisyon. Ang huli nitong bersiyon ay naglalaman ng 200 kuwento at 10 alamat pambata.

Noong 1816 at 1818, naglathala ang magkapatid ng dalawang tomo ng koleksiyon ng mga alamat. Mayroon itong 585 na alamat.

Mga Kuwentong-bayan

  1. The Frog King or Iron Heinrich
  2. Cat and Mouse in Partnership
  3. Mary's Child
  4. The Story of a Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear
  5. The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
  6. Faithful Johannes
  7. The Good Bargain
  8. The Strange Musician
  9. The Twelve Brothers
  10. The Pack of Scoundrels
  11. Little Brother and Little Sister
  12. Rapunzel
  13. The Three Little Men in the Woods
  14. The Three Spinning Women
  15. Hansel and Gretel
  16. The Three Snake-leaves
  17. The White Snake
  18. Straw, Coal, and Bean
  19. The Fisherman and HIs Wife
  20. The Brave Little Tailor
  21. Cinderella
  22. The Riddle
  23. The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage
  24. Frau Holle
  25. The Seven Ravens
  26. Little Red Cap
  27. The Bremen Town Musicians
  28. The Singing Bone
  29. The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs
  30. Little Louse and Little Flea
  31. The Girl without Hands
  32. Clever Hans
  33. The Three Languages
  34. Clever Elsie
  35. The Tailor in Heaven
  36. Table-Be-Set, Gold-Donkey, and Cudgel-out-of-the-Sack
  37. Thumbthick
  38. Mrs. Fox's Wedding
  39. The Elves
  40. The Robber Bridegroom
  41. Herr Korbes
  42. The Godfather
  43. Frau Trade
  44. Godfather Death
  45. Thumbling's Travels
  46. Fitcher's Bird
  47. The Juniper Tree
  48. Old Sultan
  49. The Six Swans
  50. Little Brier-Rose
  51. Foundling-Bird
  52. King Thrushbeard
  53. Little Snow-White
  54. The Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn
  55. Hans Dumb
  56. Rumpelstiltskin
  57. Sweetheart Roland
  58. The Golden Bird
  59. The Dog and the Sparrow
  60. Freddy and Katy Lizzy
  61. The Two Brothers
  62. The Little Peasant
  63. The Queen Bee
  64. The Three Feathers
  65. The Golden Goose
  66. All-Kinds-Of-Fur
  67. The Hare's Bride
  68. The Twelve Huntsmen
  69. The Thief and His Master
  70. Jorinde and Joringel
  71. The Three Children of Fortune
  72. How Six Men Got On in the World
  73. The Wolf and the Man
  74. The Wolf and the Fox
  75. The Fox and His Cousin
  76. The Fox and the Cat
  77. The Carnation
  78. Clever Gretel
  79. The Old Grandfather and His Grandson
  80. The Water Nixie
  81. The Death of the Little Hen
  82. Brother Merry
  83. Gambling Hansel
  84. Hans in Luck
  85. Hans Gets Married
  86. The Gold-Children
  87. The Fox and the Geese
  88. The Poor Man and the Rich Man
  89. The Singing, Springing Lark
  90. The Goose-Girl
  91. The Young Giant
  92. The Gnome
  93. The King of the Golden Mountain
  94. The Raven
  95. The Peasant's Clever Daughter
  96. Old Hildebrand
  97. The Three Little Birds
  98. The Water of Life
  99. Dr. Know-All
  100. The Spirit in the Glass Bottle
  101. The Devil's Sooty Brother
  102. Bearskin
  103. The Wren and the Bear
  104. Sweet Porridge
  105. The Clever People
  106. Tales of the Toad
  107. The Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat
  108. The Two Travelers
  109. Hans-My-Hedgehog
  110. The Burial Shirt (The Little Shroud)
  111. The Jew in the Thorns
  112. The Trained Huntsman
  113. The Threshing-Flail from Heaven
  114. The Two Kings' Children
  115. The Clever Little Tailor
  116. The Bright Sun Will Bring It to Light
  117. The Blue Light
  118. The Willful Child
  119. The Three Army Surgeons
  120. The Seven Swabians
  121. The Three Journeymen
  122. The King's Son Who Is Afraid of Nothing
  123. The Cabbage-Donkey
  124. The Old Woman in the Woods
  125. The Three Brothers
  126. The Devil and His Grandmother
  127. Ferdinand the Faithful and Ferdinand the Unfaithful
  128. The Iron Stove
  129. The Lazy Spinning Woman
  130. The Four Skillful Brothers
  131. One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes
  132. Fair Katrinelje and Pif Paf Poltrie
  133. The Fox and the Horse
  134. The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces
  135. The Six Servants
  136. The White Bride and the Black Bride
  137. Iron Hans
  138. The Three Black Princesses
  139. Knoist and His Three Sons
  140. The Girl from Brakel
  141. Household Servants
  142. The Little Lamb and the Little Fish
  143. Simeli Mountain
  144. Going Traveling
  145. The Little Donkey
  146. The Ungrateful Son
  147. The Turnip
  148. The Little Old Man Made Young by Fire
  149. The Lord's Animals and the Devil's
  150. The Rooster Beam
  151. The Old Beggar Woman
  152. The Three Lazy Ones
  153. The Twelve Lazy Servants
  154. The Little Shepherd Boy
  155. The Star Talers
  156. The Stolen Farthing
  157. Choosing a Bride
  158. The Hurds
  159. The Sparrow and His Four Children
  160. The Tale of Cockaigne
  161. The Tall Tale from Ditmarsh
  162. A Riddling Tale
  163. Snow-White and Rose-Red
  164. The Clever Servant
  165. The Glass Coffin
  166. Lazy Heinz
  167. The Griffin
  168. Strong Hans
  169. The Peasant in Heaven
  170. Lean Lisa
  171. The Hut in the Woods
  172. Sharing Joy and Sorrow
  173. The Wren
  174. The Flounder
  175. The Bittern and Hoopoe
  176. The Owl
  177. The Moon
  178. The Duration of Life
  179. Death's Messengers
  180. Master Pfriem
  181. The Goose-Girl at the Well
  182. Eve's Unequal Children
  183. The Nixie in the Pond
  184. The Gifts of the Little People
  185. The Giant and the Tailor
  186. The Nail
  187. The Poor Boy in the Grave
  188. The True Bride
  189. The Hare and the Hedgehog
  190. Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle
  191. The Peasant and the Devil
  192. The Crumbs on the Table
  193. The Rabbit
  194. The Master Thief
  195. The Drummer
  196. The Ear of Grain
  197. The Grave Mound
  198. Old Rinkrank
  199. The Crystal Ball
  200. Maid Maleen
  201. The Boot of Buffalo Leather
  202. The Golden Key
  203. St. Joseph in the Woods
  204. The Twelve Apostles
  205. The Rose
  206. Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven
  207. God's Food
  208. The Three Green Branches
  209. Our Lady's Little Glass
  210. The Aged Mother
  211. The Heavenly Wedding
  212. The Hazel Switch

Mga Sanggunian

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